Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Virginia Beach!

Virginia Beach

Because of our safari shenanigans we didn't get to Virginia Beach until 3:00 pm on saturday. We also left Virginia Beach at 6:00 am on monday. So we had to pack everything into one full (long) sunday!

1) Getting up at 5:15 to see the sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean is absolutely worth it
2) Nicole wakes up slowly while Gina and Jillian and raring to go.
3) You can go to the beach for 6 hours and still leave before noon
4) Michelob Ultra Amber is VERY tasty
5) Sleeping in a tiny tent without pillows isn't recommended
6) Letting Nicole pick out the tent you use is to be avoided
7) Not smothering Nicole with the pillow she packed but told you you couldn't pack was a wasted opportunity.
8) Gina has learned how to skip 3rd and 4th gear to go directly to 5th
9) Jillian has quiet melt downs in a corner

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Safari in VA

Meet our friend Bongo, the tick carrier

As brilliant minds often do we all think alike. So when we saw a sign on the highway for a SAFARI we were all totally for it. This was our first mistake and our first lesson.

1) Don't go to a Virginian Safari
2) Be suspicious when they push the feed on you
3) DON'T buy the feed
4) If you can't help yourself at least THROW it out the window
5) You can run over Llamas, they're fine
6) Don't feed the Llamas (They're vicious and scary)
7) Keep your windows up, they will stick their whole heads in to attempt escape from the safari
8) Animals in a WELL KEPT safari shouldn't have mange
9) Mangey animals have ticks
10) Ticks enjoy Jillian best, Jillian melts down when ticks are found on her

And so concludes our stay in Roanoke Virginia, on to Virginia Beach...


The opening act was Hank Williams Jr's daughter Holly. She was decent. The show got started when Billy Currington took the stage and started sweating profusely through his tight white t shirt (we need to pause here for Nicole to start breathing again). Billy was amazing but nothing can compare to the high energy and showmanship that is SUGARLAND.

We drank lots of beer, sang lots of songs, took lots of pictures and drank more beer. Somewhere in there Gina wiped the gum she picked up on her sandal on the venue's nice carpet. If it wasn't enough, Jennifer Nettles and Kristian sound amazing live and their band is hysterically funny.

1) Don't put Gina in charge of the blog, she writes too well.
2) Drinking beer at a concert may lead you to want to buy a shirt... but the prices will likely keep that impulse in check.
3) Zoom out prior to Arm Stretch self portraits
4) Sugarland does not cure sunburns
5) Even strangers at a Sugarland concert notice and comment on Jillian's out of control obsession with Sugarland.

Friday, June 26, 2009


DAY 2 - 26 hours into our trip

Lessons we have learned so far this trip.

1. Just because there is a sign for a gas station does not mean it is actually right off the exit.
2. Food is important
3. Scenic routes cause car sickness
4. Subway saves lives.
5. You can get burned after 3:00.
6. Pools are easily hidden in the fancy hotels of Roanoke.
7. Showers develop sun burns...don't shower

In two hours we will be attending the Sugarland concert, which sparked this road trip. Well that and a little wine. We will defiantly be blogging about how awesome that is.