Friday, June 26, 2009


DAY 2 - 26 hours into our trip

Lessons we have learned so far this trip.

1. Just because there is a sign for a gas station does not mean it is actually right off the exit.
2. Food is important
3. Scenic routes cause car sickness
4. Subway saves lives.
5. You can get burned after 3:00.
6. Pools are easily hidden in the fancy hotels of Roanoke.
7. Showers develop sun burns...don't shower

In two hours we will be attending the Sugarland concert, which sparked this road trip. Well that and a little wine. We will defiantly be blogging about how awesome that is.


  1. Already lessons learned....I'm thinking this is going to be some trip!! Could've told you about the sunburn stuff, BUT who knew about Subway? See, you're learning AND teaching. :)

  2. We will talk about the Subway comment when you get home; we all know they cut their rolls like a "V" and that Mr. Subb rocks... Glad you're having fun. Do you have to pay fewer quarters for the showers that burn?