Sunday, June 28, 2009

Safari in VA

Meet our friend Bongo, the tick carrier

As brilliant minds often do we all think alike. So when we saw a sign on the highway for a SAFARI we were all totally for it. This was our first mistake and our first lesson.

1) Don't go to a Virginian Safari
2) Be suspicious when they push the feed on you
3) DON'T buy the feed
4) If you can't help yourself at least THROW it out the window
5) You can run over Llamas, they're fine
6) Don't feed the Llamas (They're vicious and scary)
7) Keep your windows up, they will stick their whole heads in to attempt escape from the safari
8) Animals in a WELL KEPT safari shouldn't have mange
9) Mangey animals have ticks
10) Ticks enjoy Jillian best, Jillian melts down when ticks are found on her

And so concludes our stay in Roanoke Virginia, on to Virginia Beach...


  1. I am extremely disappointed that you named that animal Bongo. That was supposed to be our first dog's name. It's ruined for life.

  2. Gross. And to think I melted over 1 tick on the screen door in Maine. I re-cooped by hitting the outlets. True story.

  3. I am enjoying these lessons.....hysterical!!! :)