Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Mesa Verde Colorado

Basically Mesa Verde is everything we could all want in one place. I (Gina, the history buff) was completely enraptured by being surrounded by a place that predates written history in this area of the United States. It was the home of Ancient Puebloians (spelling?) who lived there between 300 AD and 1300 AD when they moved down into Arizona and New Mexico following a 23 year drought....obviously I tend to get caught up in the history....sorry...I got carried away again...

Even Nicole and Jillian were really happy with our time in Mesa Verde. We got to hike down to a cliff dwelling and then do a 3 mile hike beyond it through the park. And then we did a guided tour through Balcony House (Wendy was phenomenal, even Nicole was interested) which allowed us to go through a cliff dwelling that required ladders, crawling through tunnels, and climbing up rock walls. Luckily for us...it was only 85 degrees that day so we were pretty comfortable.

Lessons: Go to Mesa Verde

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  1. sounds like you guys are having fun and more importantly still speaking to each other!! Travel safely. We miss you Jillian...