Friday, July 17, 2009

So our blog has suffered due to the amount of hiking we have been doing and all of the camping that has been involved. Since you heard from us last we have been to Grand Junction CO, Arches NP UT, Moab UT, Flaming Gorge WY, Bryce Canyon NP UT, Zion NP UT, Lake Powell AZ, North Rim Grand Canyon AZ, Las Vegas NV, South Rim Grand Canyon AZ, and Phoenix AZ. Yes; we have done quit a bit of zig-zagging. Our trip has turned into a game of how to avoid the heat.
Grand Junction Utah
We had high hopes for this town...
When we arrived at the "campsite" we discovered that the site was actually the community area and would be hosting a party the following day. We all got a case of "stranger danger" and cut our losses on that debacle. We salvaged our time with a wine tasting and chicken fried steak. The following day we went mountain biking where Gina impressed us all with her acrobatics. Flying through the air with rocks as a landing pad and barely a scratch! (although she did acquire quite a few bruises)

Arches NP Utah

According to Jillian, if you've seen one red rock you have seen them all. Arches has a LOT of red rocks.

Moab Utah

Our number one priority was a campground with a pool. Score! Moab is a town known for its extreme sports and we were happy it lived up to the hype. Gina and Nicole went skydiving(AWESOME - high five) Don't know if you realize that Gina brought back the high five. After skydiving we all went white water floating on the colorado river with our new friends Ralph and Harry. Yes, they are as old as they sound. Of course we couldn't leave town without a trip to the local brew pub and a healthy dinner of nachos. Good times! Shortly after our nacho dinner Nicole had a melt down of epic proportions and we had to peace out of the 100 degree Moab for Flaming Gorge, Wyoming.

Flaming Gorge, WY
We had to wear sweatpants and sweatshirts here... instead of just sweating. We went cliff jumping, floating on our River Rat tubes and LOTS of swimming. We tried tanning but mostly Jillian just burned, its her thing. We ate ice cream everyday (aka 2 days in a row) so Gina was thrilled. Unfortunately... we had to go back to the desert

Bryce Canyon, UT
It was hot. It had red rocks. It was a canyon. Nicole made us hike it. It was the beginning of the end in terms of tolerance of hiking.

Zion, UT
We hiked a trail that went entirely up hill before it got cool. We finally got to climb some rocks in Hidden Canyon, happily it was only a couple miles long. When we were done doing that we got to take the shuttle back to our truck ("Bonnie") when Nicole learned that if you marry a park ranger you get to live in the park. Some food for thought. Then it was back to the lake, Lake Powell.

Lake Powell, UT/AZ
Thats right it spans both states so when we went kayaking we got to kayak over the state line and kayaked in 2 states. Turns out... Lake Powell is in the middle of the desert, the hottest freakin' desert anywhere. It was 4:30 pm when we got there and it was over 100 degrees. So of course we head to the beach... where there was a sand storm. We decided we'd only be staying one night instead of two. And where do you go when you're in the west and have some time to kill?

Thats right... Vegas! What happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas! We also picked Corey up here.

South Rim Grand Canyon, AZ
We came, We saw, We conquered. Well, the first two are true. Looking into the Grand Canyon can be a bit overwhelming. We checked out the views and did a sunrise hike. With the hiking out of the way we were free to escape the hordes of people and make our way to the only city on the way to San Diego.

Phoenix AZ,
What is there to do in Phoenix? Sit in an air conditioned hotel room and watch tv. Ahhhh, this is the life. Next stop - San Diego!!!!!

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