Thursday, July 2, 2009

Nashville, TN

Nashville Tennessee

Arrived in Nashville at 4:00 pm (local time) on Monday June 29th....Just in time to shower and go out. Our first stop was to the Wildhorse Saloon, eat dinner and listen to the house band, Les Richardson, our buddy. The food was okay but the beer was GREAT! A little too great.

Our first night was a blowout. Kicked off when Nicole stage stalked Les, Gina gave him a thumbs up to which he responded with a "toodley-doo" wave, and Jillian experienced wardrobe malfunctions. The next stop was Tootsie's where we met up with the Striped Shirt Mafia and the Miller Lite guys. Which equalled free beer and plenty of entertainment all around.

Day 2: We drove around Nashville looking for the Parthenon... seriously. We went to the Country Music Hall of Fame and learned all about the Williams family (Hank Williams & Hank Jr) We then enjoyed a low key night at Tootsie's where we tried to make sure that no one recognized us from the night before. They had a really great girl band downstairs, she sounded like Sarah Buxton. We had one beer each.

1) There is such a thing as too much free beer, then again maybe not
2) When the strap on your tank top breaks, rip the other one off and make a halter top
3) Telling someone you're going on a segway tour ruins all your street cred
4) When you're the only people listening to a band in a bar on a monday night, its probably time to go home (We're sorry we didn't know)
5) Fast Food in the south isn't actually fast (Checkers)
6) Your home is where you throw your stuff (not really where you live)

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